Stretch in The City

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I don’t know about you, but from the moment I step out of the house each morning, let alone when I scan the business pages once I’m ensconced on the Tube, my mind is buzzing in a deluge of information, to-do-lists and news. From the shock Swiss move to abandon the cap on the currency’s value against the euro, to Grexit fears, from more bother with the banks over tax avoidance to all that bluff and bluster before the UK General election, (not to mention the really important stuff like what am I going to make for supper): there is so much to take in and disseminate before cracking on with the day job.

So I was delighted to clear my mind and cleanse my soul before the working week even kicked off, on the glass floor up Tower Bridge. IMG_0380

I have written before about “sweat-working”: how time-pressed executives are conducting meetings on the treadmill at the gym, taking multi-tasking to a whole new level. Now, with a nod to how we probably all need a little more time out, the latest craze to tempt City types is high-rise yoga.

The sunrise yoga class took place across the glass floor on Tower Bridge’s high-level walkway, 42 metres above the River Thames.IMG_0382

I was lucky that my session was on a bright and crisp Spring day so the blue-sky view was incredible. It was peaceful too: even though we could see commuters and heavy traffic trundling across the bridge beneath us, we couldn’t hear a thing. 50 minutes of warrior poses and downward dogs later, I left for work with a new spring in my step, ready to face whatever the financial markets wanted to throw at me.